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A round eyes and a carefree smile, and a snow-white nanobody


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Beautiful Girl , Big Tits , Blowjob , Creampie , Handjob , Uncensored , Doggystyle




1Pondo 031111_049 I wonder if such a day would come... (crying). A round eyes and a carefree smile, and a snow-white nanobody. Rui Yazawa, an S-class AV actress who has a strong call (?) as a candidate for the next Lolympic gold medal, is finally retiring tonight! Rui Yazawa Retired... The shock of running all over Japan, all over the world has been since the Industrial Revolution! (It's not there) As a final memorial, the real face of AV actress Rui Yazawa, and complete contact with the past! Since debuting in 2008, all of Rui-chan, who has appeared in about 70-80 pieces (personal story), will be shown to the fullest! While exploring her hometown, we thoroughly pursued the story behind the birth of AV actress Rui Yazawa, behind-the-scenes story of the industry, and reasons for retirement. When I see her answering any question with a bright smile... Tears and gaman juice don't stop! After the interview, the final battle will finally arrive! The decisive battle is Chin! It seems that Rui-chan seems to have released the limiter, probably because it is the last Karami. Panting, holding, getting wet, and iki are different! This is serious Yazawa Rui! Isn't it because it's like the tears of Rui-chan, the semen that flows from the Kitty Man (small pussy) that captivates many men? Now, Rui Yazawa at the end of the genuineness! This is the end even if you cry or cry! If you cry anyway, it's a loss! Thank you, Rui-chan! Thank you for your hard work!



AV actress strong candidate Lolympic medal running Japan Industrial Revolution memorial complete appeared personal story exploring thoroughly




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