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Amazing cute sweet girl Yoshizawa Yuki fuck two colleagues in library


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Yoshizawa Yuki


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This is the third morning, everything exceeded my expectations. That morning, my teasing was to get dressed and then make coffee. When I was wearing jeans, their disappointment was obvious. But Yoshizawa Yuki have a plan. After seeing my friends, I came back at noon and asked if they would mind if I was sunbathing because the weather was very good. They said it was good, I would not do that. I went to the bedroom, put on a bikini, grabbed sunscreen and walked into the garden. When Yoshizawa Yuki walked over to grab the lounge chair, I smiled at them, then placed them where they could see me sitting, applying lotion to my forehead and legs. One or both of them may make me think that my thoughts are becoming addictive. I lay on my back and enjoyed the warmth, then applied some lotion to my shoulders, ready to lie in front of me. "Would you like to apply some lotion on my back?" Yoshizawa Yuki asked, looking in their direction. The boss took off his gloves and I handed him a bottle of lotion. He pressed something on his hand, then they stroked me under the shoulder and slowly worked down. His touch was very good, and I was gently awakened. He lifted my back until his hand was just above the waist of my bikini briefs. "You miss it a little," he replied. "Don't let you get a sunburn." He squeezed a little lotion into his hand, then they were on the top of my thigh, stroking my hips, then sliding one hand between my legs and slowly tilting up, he The hand "accidentally" passed through the bottom of the bikini and brushed it on my pussy, making me breathless.


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