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Beautiful angel Hana Aoyama fuck her boyfriend in first date


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Hana Aoyama


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Catwalk Poison


He licked me once then quickly mounted me as Hana Aoyama gasped and held my breath. Hana Aoyama was shocked! His cock was so hard it was almost sharp. It stabbed at my thighs and cheeks. His claws had a strong grip on my hips and Hana Aoyama started to panic a little. I tried to crawl away but his grip got tighter and his attempts more frantic so Hana Aoyama decided to sit down and risk being scratched up. But just as Hana Aoyama tried to sit he shoved the entirety of his cock into my virginal ass and I screamed. He thrust into me so hard and fast that it took my breath. It was maybe 15-20 pumps before Hana Aoyama was able to compose myself and pry his legs from my waist. His cock had already begun swelling and I was completely knotted and full when he tried to dismount. I attempted to keep him still but he d**g me across the floor and snatched himself out of me. The pain rocked me so hard my vision went black for a second and I felt dizzy. I couldn’t even scream it was so intense on my little body. He was excited and panting, nuzzling and trying to comfort me. I just lay there with my ass in the air, crying silently into his dog bed… rubbing my now soaked and very hot pussy. Thinking about how I’d caused myself pain by being impulsive and wondering if I was bleeding or torn, but too weak to move. I could feel the cum leaking out of me like in the videos and the idea was enticing, but I knew that I wasn’t yet ready to explore zoosex so deeply. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to handle it if he knotted my pussy. I worried about what would have happened if I tried again and his knot tore my vagina like it tore my abused ass. I still had lots of learning and growing and healing to do. For the rest of the evening I lay there with Bruno, caressing his fur, telling him how much of a good boy he was and that one day when I was older we would try again… “Promise”


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