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Beautiful girl Akari Minamino want to fuck hard with three stranger


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Akari Minamino


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I had been so engrossed in my public debasement that I had lost track of Karen. Seems that my soon to be lover (Jamal) had a friend and my drunk, seemingly innocent friend Akari Minamino was being similarly seduced. Jamal took my hand and without asking led me off the dance floor. He asked if I had everything of mine, like a coat, and when I nodded, he led me out of the club to his car. I didn't have a car so I didn't have to worry about that. He opened the door and we both got in the front. That's when I noticed Karen in the back seat with Jamal's friend Jason (we ended up calling the them J&J). Anyway, I didn't know his name at this point and could only stare in amazement at the site before me. Here was my prudish housemate laying in the back seat passionately kissing this other big black man while he rutted around in her panties with his thick black fingers, rubbing her little white girl clit and finger fucking her as she humped back against his hand. I was shaken from my trance by Jamal demanding to know where we lived. I immediately answered telling him where we lived without even think of the consequences. He started the car and drove towards our place without saying a word. He did pull me close and grab my hand and place it on his cock. I could feel this thick, black python ready to burst from his pants. I rubbed it and pulled at it hoping it would break free and hit me in the face so I could see it up close and suck it.


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