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My kisses stopped and my blindfold was loosened so that it slipped off, sparking my eyes and making sense of what I was feeling. He was there between my legs looking straight at me, the boy I thought too young was neither smiling nor expressing any sign of emotion but as we looked at each other, a small glimmer warmed his eyes and I smiled back in response. Oh, but what was I doing? In my mind flashed questions like “he was such a young boy, and his stepbrother, how can I look at him again, and he has his face between my legs?” Yet here he was nestled into my throbbing pussy and ensuring she was worshipped and pleasured. It was too late to feel any form of morality, he was old enough and more experienced I felt that maybe I had ever given him credit for. Not that I had received any telling sign. But this was a seductive moment I was enjoying too much to have a conscience. Looking across for reassurance my naughty lover was lying back so enjoying the scene and lapping up the erotic pleasure it was throwing back at him. I could see how horny Tom felt the moment was, watching me being licked and kissed deep into my pussy while I lay there naked before them both.  The pulse in my clitoris began as his fingers toyed with my perfect spot, the feeling sending spasms through me, they both could see the moist skin glistening between my thighs as they jointly massaged and fingered me, the sensation growing ever more intense. I kept glancing at them both, two such different men but both equally involved in the same pleasure I was receiving.


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