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Aizawa Riina


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He was kind of a stick in the mud. But how any man wouldn’t be turned on by a sight like this was way beyond my understanding. I muttered a promise, and then started to back towards the door. Before I made it though, I saw a look pass between Aizawa Riina. They both smiled a shy smile at each other. They could obviously almost read each others’ minds, and they had come to some kind of unspoken conclusion. I almost had my hand on the knob when Aizawa Riina said in a breathy little girl voice which wasn’t much like her own, blushing all the while, “I just have to come before the wedding. I’ll die if I have to wait until the honeymoon starts. But you can watch if you want to him.” Then she raised her skirt, spread her legs and closed her eyes. Paige looked right into my eyes, smiled, and then returned to her hands and knees position in front of my daughter’s spread legs and with a small sigh of contentment, went back to her licking. Paige moaned softly as her tongue again tasted Aizawa Riina slick pussy.Aizawa Riina shut her eyes again, enjoying Paige’s ministrations. Aizawa Riina knew well. I had often made joking passes to her best girl friends, including Mandy and Paige. She knew I subscribed to Playboy, and had even told my own daughter on occasion that she looked really sexy. She knew that I wasn’t some kind of prude and that I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from enjoying such a sensual sight. She knew that I would be riveted to the vision of her long legs with Paige’s short brunette locks bobbing between them. And Aizawa Riina was right.After slurping Aizawa Riina wet cunt for a few moments, Paige moved her hands from Aizawa Riina white stockinged thighs and reached back behind her, caressing her own taut bottom. She teasingly pulled her skirt up, showing me her tight little ass encased in a pair of silver satin panties. She wiggled her ass at me and then slowly pulled the panties down to her knees and spread her legs as much as the panties would let her, all the while kissing and licking enthusiastically. I saw her tight little asshole and her obviously red and swollen naked pussy lips. “I think she wants you to fuck her.” Aizawa Riina said with a giggle. Paige stopped her licking long enough to look me in the eye and nod a few times before she returned to licking Aizawa Riina.


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