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Beautiful wife Ruka Mihoshi fuck in the bathroom Jav HD


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Ruka Mihoshi


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Ruka Mihoshi tasted so sweet, so good. His tongue touched hers slowly. He felt her hand move slowly up and down his thigh. He suddenly realized his cock was growing hard. Embarrassed he pulled away and put his hand across his lap. She couldn't see it, he thought in a panic. She'd think he was weird. He looked down in shame. lt his wife hand on his chin pulling his face up to meet her eyes. "it's ok. It's normal for a man to get aroused by a kiss like that. You shouldn't be embarrassed by it." she said. Ruka Mihoshi looked into his eyes as her hand moved slowly up his thigh to his cock. She laid her hand on it for a moment, then started to slowly rub it up and down along the zipper of his jeans. Oh it felt so good, he thought. He couldn't believe the difference it was to have someone else’s hand on it. His cock was so hard now he thought it was going to bust. She rubbed it harder now, as she asked him, "how does this feel? I bet it feels really good, doesn't it?" He could barely mumble "Yeaaa, it does." He closed his eyes as him wife continued rubbing his hard cock. Suddenly she stopped and he felt her hands undoing his pants. He was afraid to open his eyes, scared he' awaken and it would all be a dream. But he had to. He opened his eyes just as she was pulling the zipper down. "I want you to feel good about yourself as a man. I know how to make you feel really good. Let's get you out of your pants." Ruka Mihoshi said as she started pulling them down. He stood up and she pulled them down. His hard cock stuck out very obviously. It embarrassed him a little and he sad back down quickly to hide it. "I told you not to be embarrassed son. Sit up here on the couch and let me show you something. I want this first lesson to be all about you and your body," she said. He moved up to the couch, waiting for his wife to join him. But instead she went to his knees and gently opened his legs. 


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