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Beautiful witch Amami Kokoro want to have my meat ward Jav HD


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Amami Kokoro, Fukada Eimi


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Crystal Eizou


Amami Kokoro look at him with a solemn look and say "get off me, now". I can see the confusion and concern in his eyes as he rolls over to lay next to me. Amami Kokoro take the chance and pounce. I pin him down and climb on to him, lowering myself onto his dick. I see understanding register in his eyes, and he chuckles and says that was cheating. I whisper "all is far in love and war....now i'm going to fuck you, and you can't do anything about it." He smiles at me, we both know that he could over power me without breaking a sweat, but he plays along with my game. Amami Kokoro reach down and start touching myself while i'm still sitting on him, his dick is still inside me. His eyes are taking in every little move I make, and it's driving him crazy. He thrusts his hips up to give me a little extra help, and I moan softly...but I tell him that if he does that again we're done. He needs to stay still and watch. No sound, no moving. He reaches up to touch my breast, and Amami Kokoro smack his hand away. Instead i play with my own breasts, and rub my wet pussy around his dick. He can feel my pussy tightening up around him, he knows i'm about to cum again, but he has to stay still or he's in trouble. My body tightens up and I get myself off while sitting on his dick and making him watch. I open my eyes as he's reaching up to move the hair out of my face. He sits up, kisses me, then pushes me off of him while moving behind me. He thrusts his hard dick into my pussy and Amami Kokoro grab onto the headboard for stability. He is thrusting in and out, hard and fast, barely giving me enough time to breath. He grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls back, using it for momentum to thrust into me. I start to cum again, moaning his name and how good he feels inside me. He starts to moan "oh yeah, i'm going to cum, oh yeah" I feel his body tighten up and he pulls his dick out of me. I feel his hot cum land on my back, slowly drizzling down and pooling in the small of my back. He's still rubbing his dick on my skin, and shivering. His hands are holding my hips and I can barely catch my breath. He finally gathers his wits and smacks my ass. He drags me off the bed and walks me to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom he runs a hot shower and pulls me in with him. He washes every inch of my body clean, and I do the same for him. We dry each other off and lay down in bed. 


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