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Best day of my life when i fuck beautiful idol Natsumi Hirose Jav HD


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Natsumi Hirose


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She got them caught on her shoes, which looked to me like fuck-me-pumps. Once she got them totally off, she said, "here, Dad, this is what I wanted to drop off. They are even wetter than when I found them this morning." She placed them over my face, covering my nose and mouth. Once again I could smell her sexy scent. She then said she found them in the hamper, and loved what I did to them. She reached down and placed her hand on my hard again cock. She pushed her panties in my mouth with one hand, and began stroking my cock thru my workpants. She then said she had tasted my cum this morning, while in her room, and wanted to see me jerk off for her right now.Natsumi Hirose knew she had me in the palm of her hand, literally, and between inhaling her soaked, sexy panties and her stroking hand, I couldn't refuse her. I pulled over(lucky we live in a rather rural area), and unzipped my pants. I pulled out my hard cock, and began stroking myself off right in front of my daughter. Natsumi Hirose said to wait a minute. Leaving her panties in my mouth, she pulled up her skirt and began fingering her shaved pussy right next to me. She moved so I could see every move, as she began rubbing her lips. And slowly entered her pussy with her finger. She watched me watch her as I continued stroking my cock, nearly reaching the point of no return. Natsumi Hirose then began cumming, very quickly and violently. She then removed her soaked fingers and reached over and began stroking my cock. I could feel the warmth and slick wetness as she stroked me so slowly. Almost immediately, I began shooting out strings of cum, covering her hand. She then, looking right at me, placed her cum covered hand in her mouth, licking up all of my still warm cum. She said that it tasted better than this morning's cum that she had licked off her own panties. She reached over, grabbed her panties, and wiped off more of my cum from her hand onto her panties. She then kissed me, letting me taste my own cum in her mouth. 


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