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Big booty women Nana Ueyama having anal orgasm with her new neighbor


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Nana Ueyama


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With the decision made, it is like a switch has been flipped in her mind. The orgasm builds rapidly inside of her, swelling with every passing moment. Nana Ueyama begins to writhe faster and each breathe is accompanied by a low moan. My hands seem to be everywhere at once; pinching her nipples, rubbing her clit, squeezing her ass, brushing over her lips and caressing her face. Nana Ueyama's cries grow louder as she tightens her grip on my hair. In the instant before she came, Nana Ueyama opens her eyes looking down at me to find me staring right back at her as I slide my tongue in and out of her. All she sees in my eyes is confidence. The orgasm strikes her like a lightning bolt. Her body shaking as she cries out in pleasure. It feels as though every nerve in her body has been elevated to a new level of sensitivity. Every time my tongue touches her clit, she feels a bolt of pleasure shoot through her. Nana Ueyama struggles against the instinct to beg me to stop. I loop my hands around her legs, making it impossible for her to escape my hungry mouth. She can't allow me to sense that I'm getting the better of her. She closes her eyes focusing on controlling the unending tide of pleasure flowing through her from the touch of my hungry tongue. I can handle anything he dishes out, Nana Ueyama thought to herself. And then it will be my turn. Just as Nana Ueyama begins to bring herself under control, I act. She has instant relief as my tongue finally slips out of her dripping pussy, then a heartbeat later my cock slams inside her with such force that she cries out in a mixture of shock and unexpected pleasure.


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