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Cute sister Chisato Takayama gets cum in her breasts


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Chisato Takayama


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He stopped kissing me and pulled the teddy up and off my head the he sucked on my nipple then taking my whole tit in his mouth he sucked hard making me moan with pleasure when he finished sucking one of my tits he changed to the other one and did the same first sucking my nipple then my whole tit in his mouth Chisato Takayama climbed onto the bed behind me and began kissing my neck and shoulders, He lowered his hands and pulled down my lacy panties to my knees and Chisato Takayama pulled them rest of the way off of me now i was fully naked, Takayama both took off their robes so we were all naked together. Chisato Takayama went over to him and sucked his 10 inch cock making it wet to enter me while she was sucking his cock he was playing with my pussy making me wet soon i was wet enough he grabbed my hands and pulled me up to him again and kissed me again i stood up and Chisato Takayama held his cock upright and helped me to lower myself down onto his cock i felt my lips opening as his cock slowly entered my tight pussy i had the head in and he was slowly pushing it deeper then he hit a barrier my hymen he asked if i was ready and i nodded my head yes he thrust forward and i let out a scream of pain and he stopped and told me to wait for the pain to reside before he continued it only took a few minutes and soon i was ready for him to continue then he thrust again deeper and soon enough i had his whole 10 inches inside me while he was slowly fucking me Chisato Takayama was sucking on my nipples making me moan, he started to fuck me harder and faster and soon i was ready to cum and he wasn’t far behind me he asked if he could cum in me and i nodded he could since i had been on the pill for 2 years now, i could feel his cock throbbing as he was cumming deep in me it made me cum again.


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