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Cute teen girl Rin Aoki find out the most thing she love is fuck


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Rin Aoki


Creampie , Uncensored , Teen , Group sex




Rin Aoki licked the thing from base to tip. When she reached the tip, she opened her mouth and captured the end inside. She used her mouth to pull me vertical before starting to run her tongue in circles around the head of my sex. Everything she was doing was slow and deliberate. Her tongue came to rest on the underside of my shaft and she sucked softly. Then, as Rin Aoki continued to suck, she gradually engulfed the length of my manhood until her lips reached the hilt, and I shuddered. Rin Aoki just held me there for several seconds before withdrawing to the end, her suction increased immensely. When she reached the end, she paused, then withdrew completely with a loud, singular slurping noise. I felt her begin sliding back up the length of my body, and when Rin Aoki straddled me, I knew what was coming next. I felt her face above my own, and decided to open my eyes. It took a few attempts, and when my lids finally parted, I found myself eye to eye with her. I'd forgotten how intense she could be. She gazed into my depths. Rin Aoki was not smiling now, and my heart was trying to pound through my ribcage like a jackhammer through concrete. She was serious, her intentions clear. This mattered to her, and I was afraid. She moved backward, her pelvis tight on my belly, until she reached me. I could feel her heat, her wetness, even before her sex touched my own, and I didn't want her to stop anymore. She backed onto me effortlessly, still slow and deliberate, and in one, fluid motion, I was all the way in. I knew I would not last long.


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