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FHD Attackers ADN-218 Until The Morning Teacher And Akiyama Shoko


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Akiyama Shouko


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I turned and faced Akiyama Shouko so that I could better see my Andrew who was sitting on his other side. Instantly I was horny and wet and I think I purred when I saw Maurice pull his cock out of his suit pants. I reared up from my seat and to show him my approval I lifted my skirt showing off my pussy. He pulled me to him for deep tongue kisses and he started fingering my cunt at the same time. I took a risk of people in the adjacent boxes seeing me and I went down on him sucked him into my mouth . His dick slid in and out of my salivating mouth, almost in time with the music, and as the symphony came to an end his cum poured over my tongue and down my throat. I tried to swallow as much as possible with as little noise as possible and I was further gratified to see that Andrew had also had a 'happy ending' at the hands of Olga. As the applause died down we four quickly adjusted our clothing so that by the time the lights went up once again we looked prim and proper 

After the concert we walked into nearby South Kensington and found a bijou café/bar to have a post-concert drink. The drinks were ordered and whilst we waited for them to be bought to the table we ladies decided we needed to refresh our make-up so we went to the ladies' loo. 

As soon as we stepped inside Olga pulled me into a passionate embrace and kissed my lips. I was a little surprised but I made no objection as I had always wanted to taste her lips. Even more, I had always had a desire to taste her pussy lips. She broke our embrace and pulled me into a cubicle and locked the door behind us. She pulled up the hem of her dress and I couldn't believe it when instead of looking at a pussy what I saw was a cock, a beautiful erect cock.


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