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FHD Kahanshin Tigers/Mousozoku KTB-021 A Feeling Of Flesh Part Confession Of Part Housewife OL Arisa I Cup Who Gets Drunk On OL Club 6 sexual Harachi Port Pos Arisa Hanyu


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Komine Hinata, Hanyuu Arisa


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The three fucked me for what seemed an eternity.Finally the one in Komine Hinata pussy started to cum and watching this the one in my mouth soon followed. But the black man in my asshole still continued with his savage thrusts in my bowels. He finally, after another ten minutes at least, filled my asshole with his sticky cum. and I felt him pull out. I sighed a relief when he was finally out of my asshole completely. Through out the rest of the night and most of the early morning hours not one of my holes wasn't filled by cock. I could feel the cum flowing out of my pussy like a sink faucet and even my distended and open asshole couldn't hold the cum in as I felt it continuously flowing down my legs. The men took pictures and even made a movie of me while after all this torment I actually had an orgasm.They threatend to show them to my husband if I ever said anything. They don't have to worry I never would. I never could after I orgasmed for these savage men as many times as I did. After this experience, I know now that I am a slut. I belong to these men that visit me regularly when my husband is out of town or even sometimes while he's at work. It has turned into something I crave. I know I need help. I know that isn't right.Please God forgive me, but it's the truth. My own dark truth. To make it worse as if it could get worse, now whenever my husband fucks me I have to close my eyes and pretend I am being gang fucked by the group of men who still visits me often. And only then can I cum for my husband.


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