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Filled with the beautiful student Nagisa Mitsuki and stuffed her dick into her mouth


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Nagisa Mitsuki


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As I sank my cock deep inside Nagisa Mitsuki, I could feel the slick wetness of her juices sliding all over my shaft allowing me to slide it all the way in. Her tight hole gripped my cock like a vice and I felt myself pulsating inside of Nagisa Mitsuki like crazy. I could tell that my precum had already been squeezed out by this naughty little vixen’s hole as I jammed the final inch deep inside her. I began to slide my cock in and out of her and watched Nagisa Mitsuki face blush as the sounds of slick and sloppy cum echoed out loudly as my throbbing cock grinded tightly inside her hole. She moaned in delight as I began to pump faster and faster, making slapping sounds as our bodies slammed together. She moaned in orgasm, climaxing over and over like she’d never been touched before. Nagisa Mitsuki arms and legs wrapped around me tightly as I ravaged her hole over and over, piercing deep inside of her with my raging hard cock. I rammed myself inside, digging deeper and deeper each time, until I couldn’t contain it any longer. I could feel this massive force building up behind my cock as I grabbed her body with all my strength and pumped my cock in and out of her furiously as she screamed wildly like she’d lost her mind and finally I buried my cock all the way to the base, slamming my body against hers, spraying my hot, thick, stinking load directly into her cervix. I let Nagisa Mitsuki go and she fell to the floor exhausted as I shot a few more loads of cum onto her stomach and across her neat, round, perky breasts, rubbing the cum into her skin with my cock. I watched her panting with her tongue out like a dog as cum dripped out of her well used slit. There was no doubt she was getting pregnant after the huge load that I just left inside of her. But these thoughts only made my cock even harder than before. My depraved thoughts continued and I couldn’t stop myself from taking her again. I picked up Nagisa Mitsuki limp body as she basked in her post sex orgasm, and I spun her around till she was on all fours. As I lifted up her ass, a big load of cum dripped out making a satisfying plop sound as it hit the ground. My hard, wet, cock steamed red hot, pulsing wildly as it towered over her bare, exposed glistening wet ass.


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