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Fuck a beautiful girl Okita Rio in the dressing room Jav HD


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Okita Rio, Konno Hikaru, Hanasaki Ian


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Okita Rio love exploring my body, touching, arching, enjoying my private time and adoration through this self-seduction. It is strange, but in a way, I don’t feel alone, his essence is all around me, inside me… I admire the lines of my side and hip the way he might, letting my gaze travel all the way down to the point of my toe…then back up to the spread of my cunt as Okita Rio open my thighs wide. It’s so raw being exposed like this and I chance a glimpse over to the bare windows, but I don’t really care if anyone’s watching. I’m just so caught up in my own sexiness that I’m lost to the world. My pussy yearns for more. I am wet and slick with desire, but I want to give myself an extra silky treat and reach for the lube on the bedside table. I can’t help but smile as I flip open the lid, the cracking noise sending shivers of excitement through me as I tip the tube and squeeze some fluid onto my fingertips. There’s something so naughty about squeezing out lube, the squeak and squelch as it oozes from the bottle, there’s only one thing it can mean. Sex. All the sex. The anticipation for the first touch is too much, and I can’t wait any longer. I slide my liquid cooled fingers down to my pussy, spreading my lips while grabbing my nipple and kneading my breast. I shove two fingers inside hard, it’s so good and has me gasping at the cold digits entering the furnace of my cunt. My pelvis thrusts upwards to meet my touch, and I ride my hands twitching and bucking as my own juices mingle and heat up the lube.


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