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Fuck a pretty lustful young college girl at the inn room


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In the morning l was tempted to use her again to wank my cock and cover her in more of my spunk but l heard her moving about so got up and made a coffee to sit watching her dress, she went for a wash which gave me time to get back into my bed compartment lay her onto her belly sandwich my cock between her bum cheeks next lower myself and rub myself up and down till l shot a full sticky cum load over her bum and lower back, l rubbed my cum into her skin like sun cream then got up and finished my coffee. When she returned, we talked about what we might do that day and decided the beach as it wasn’t far. After l had been for a shower l woke her and she had a massive hangover and stayed in the tent while me and she went for breakfast the café did picnic’s so l got one to take to the beach. She still looked rough but managed to make it to the beach and after putting on her bikini she flaked out on her towel, me and she went into the water to throw a ball to one another which turned into a splashing fight, when l held her against me l could feel her tits or she would jump onto me wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, l had her hot pussy pressed against my belly so l would hold her onto me and fall into the water, her bikini bottoms were so skimpy at the crutch l got a really good feel of her pussy when l picked her up to throw in to the water. We stopped to eat and l opened a bottle of wine l told the girls to help themselves, She decided against having a drink but she held out her cup and knocked it back, she after eating some food began drinking the wine. After a while the wine began to affect us all, she wanted to pee, l told her to go into the sea but she refused, she looked after our belongings while her and l went to find a quiet spot for her to pee we found some rocks but she had trouble squatting due to being slightly merry, she slipped her bikini bottoms off and l held her under the arms while she peed then it was my turn to pee and l teased she could now hold me, she laughed and asked where did l want holding, l got my cock out and pointed she nervously held my cock as if it was going too bite her, as l began peeing she kept repeating ‘oh my god, oh my god’, l finished and took my cock back to shake then put it into my shorts, on the way back she was telling me how my cock felt warm soft and rubbery, l bragged that she should see me when lm horny.


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