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Fuck cute girl Hazuki Reira with hot tattoo


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Hazuki Reira


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Lying exhausted atop his latest conquest we held each other sweaty and cum covered, I was still trembling. My thighs were quivering from the exertion of the sex and I could feel his cock still twitching inside me trying to milk out the very last of his semen into the receptive female underneath him. My devastated mind played out the impregnation fantasy going as far as the shock my family would have seeing me nursing a black baby, wondering how my loving boyfriend he would take it - his girl, obviously being had by a black man delivering proof for all to see. It was a bizarre, yet satisfying fantasy, once again my body fighting with my intellect for control of my pussy and it's desire to filled with cum. The rest of the night was a blur of sex and semen. I sucked and cleaned his cock, tasting our combined juices several times. He had a sexual energy I had never imagined could exist, but I was up to the challenge. He later told me that he had never had a white chick that could keep up with him and that from now on I would be his favorite bitch. As strange as it may seem, I took a perverse pride in knowing that I was his sexual equal.


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