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Fuck my beautiful wife Minami Mayu when she is sleeping Jav HD


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Minami Mayu


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He looses his grip on my hands long enough for me to slip my hands away and around his hips. Minami Mayu manage to get my legs free and i put my legs around his, and use my hands to guide his hips into a perfect position. I feel the head of his penis pressing against my pussy, so i tilt my hips up and pull him into me. As he slides into my hot, wet pussy he moans and his body goes weak. I'm rocking my hips back and forth, going from fast to slow, driving us both crazy. He is kissing me and moaning, Minami Mayu know he's getting close to cuming inside me. I want him to cum in me, that's the goal. My skin starts to crawl, I'm getting shivers. I'm wet, so wet for him. My nipples are so hard and tight, every time his skin brushes against them I get an intense rush town my body. I feel my pussy muscles start to tighten around his dick, the first sign that i'm about to cum. Minami Mayu look him in the eye and whisper "fuck me hard, i'm going to cum for you". He hooks his hands behing my shoulders and thrusts into me hard and fast, never losing eye contact. As he's pounding in and out of me i feel a hot rush originating somewhere in my stomach and it shoots down to my pussy and then shoots through my entire body. Every muscle in my body tightens around him and I moan his name, moan his name so he knows that he's making me cum for him. He is still thrusting in and out of my extremely tight and wet pussy, I reach up to kiss him, still feeling small shots of pleasure through out my body. He breaks away from the kiss and moans "not yet, not yet, not yet". He is breathing hard, and his heart is beating a million beats a minute. Minami Mayu pull him to me and he lays his head on my right breast, and puts his hand on the other. My legs are shaking uncontrollably, and my pussy muscles are still tightening up with the after effects of a strong orgasm. He reaches down and starts rubbing my pussy lips with his fingers. He presses his middle finger between my lips and starts caressing the swollen area between. He slips his finger into my pussy and looks at me in surprise and says "i can still feel it throbbing!" I smile down at him and nod my head. I close my eyes and listen to his breathing. He is still lightly rubbing my pussy lips, it's more of a relaxing feeling versus causing me to become highly aroused again. I doze off to sleep, feeling warm and comfortable with his head on my chest. Somewhere in the corner of my brain I register pleasure, but i'm not aware enough to react or realize what it's coming from. It feels like a yummy dream to me, and I don't want to wake up. Minami Mayu want to stay asleep and find out what happens next. I hear my name whispered, and I start becoming more aware of what's happening. 


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