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Fuck with all chicks in this hotel when im in a vacation


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Mizumi Saki, Kyoumoto Kaede, Kimijima Mio, Hitomi Yura, Kawana Misuzu, Yumesaki Hinami


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Mizumi Saki rolled over and opened a drawer by the bed. He retrieved a rubber and some lube and laid them on the bed. “First, I need some preparation from you. It takes a little more to get a guy ready to fuck then a gal’s pussy.” He rolled the rubber onto my cock and handed me the lube. Then he got to his hands and knees and told me, “I need a little tongue from you, suck my cock a little then lick down my balls and up and down across my rosebud. Push you tongue in as far as you can. Then put some lube on your finger and start with one in me as far as you can and then add a second finger. After you have fucked me a bit with two fingers I’ll be ready for your cock.” I really enjoyed this preparation because Mizumi Saki had such a strong reaction. When I started with my tongue on his hole he about came unglued and when fingers went in he started moving back and forth against my hand. “OK, press your cock against my hole and let me take it from there until you are in me.” I gave him a last couple of wiggles with my fingers and moved in behind. No more than just touching my cock to his asshole and he pushed back, taking the head in. He was tight and it took a bit but I entered him. Such a feeling, I thought my hand felt great stroking my cock and then I thought him sucking was the absolute top but as he pushed back and my cock entered his tight love hole I thought I was going to cum immediately. He was pushing back and I was pushing forward and we were both moaning and enjoying. Every stroke my cock was completely in him and then was almost completely out. “Oh, this is the best ever. Your cock fits so nicely and fills me so completely…….mmmmmm.” I fucked him for 5 or 6 minutes before I felt my cock filling with cum ready to shoot. “I’m going to cum,” I warned him. “So am I, he replied, “Pull out and pull of the rubber and lets 69. I want your load in my mouth. I did and we did and just in time. I was on top and had just barely got his cock covered before I felt his cum hit my tongue and I was unloading a big batch of juice in his mouth. After more sucking and licking and swallowing I collapsed down beside Mizumi Saki. Nothing was said, neither of us moved for several minutes.


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