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Good girl Shiori Nakayama asked me for fuck her when bathing


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Shiori Nakayama


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She feels her legs slip off my lap and before she can react, I'm on top of her, my mouth covering hers as my hands press her against the bed. She curses herself for relaxing and allowing me to take the initiative again. She attempts to pull herself up, but I'm too strong and I'm using my weight to pin her down. She feels my cock, hard and throbbing again, through my pants, pressing against her pussy through the thin material of her dress. Her mouth opens in protest and my tongue slides between her lips. Shiori Nakayama shudder as I press her deeper into the bed. Shiori Nakayama decides to make the most of the situation. She is going to have to ride out the storm and wait for an opportunity to leave. The more energy and passion I expend, the easier it will be. She slithers her body beneath me until she is completely on her back. She runs her fingers through my hair as we kiss, sucking gently on my tongue whenever I slip it between her lips. Her hands trailing down my back until she reaches my ass. She cups it with both hands and squeezes, pulling me harder against her. She moans softly into our kiss as I begin to rock my hips into her. Despite losing the initiative, Shiori Nakayama is pleased with how things were progressing. She might be pinned down, but my kisses and grinding are already gaining a sense of urgency. Shiori Nakayama is excellent at manipulating her way out of situations. " Don't fuck me again? My pussy is sore and I need to leave." she purrs into my ear as she slowly tries to push me back, I grab my cock guiding its tip until it presses against her pussy, only the thin fabric of her dress separating them. " Please, John I can't have you inside me again." Shiori Nakayama whispers. " She writhes her body beneath me with feline sensuality. I surprise her for a second time. I suddenly stood up and pulled Shiori Nakayama to her feet. She sways slightly, trying to regain her balance, but before she can do so, I lift her off her feet. I slowly lower her down onto my cock and she digs her fingernails into my neck moaning as I roughly enter her fully. My cock feels perfect inside of her and she bites into my shoulder as I begin to fuck her again, standing in the center of the living room with my hands tightly gripping her ass.


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