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Haruka Ayane want to have a perfect picture with her lover Jav HD


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Haruka Ayane


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Madonna AV


He kisses my arms and shoulders for a few minutes, trying to clear his head. Haruka Ayane try to lift my hips up to his dick, but he moves it away and to the side of me. He puts his knee between my legs, so I press down on it and use his knee to rub my wet pussy. I grind on it and moan, knowing that any minute i'm going to cum again. He presses his knee hard between my legs, and I feel a hot drip of pre cum land on my stomach. I know he's barely holding on, he wants it as bad as I do. Haruka Ayane look him in the eyes and I tell him to "fuck me, fuck me hard...now". He readjusts his body as he's telling me no, because he's the one in charge. He decides what's going to happen and when. I just want to feel a big dick fill me up. I want to feel him throbbing in me. My breasts are aching, my nipples are tingling, I need him to touch me. I want to feel him suck my nipples again. I'm getting really frustrated, and i'm about to tell him as much when he sucks my nipple into his mouth as his sliding his dick into me. My whole body just melts into the bed, finally, FINALLY Haruka Ayane feel his dick in me again. But he's not fucking me, he's just in me, staying still. I lift my head and open my eyes and he's looking at me. He tells me that he wants me to look him in the eyes when he fucks me. He wants to see my face when he makes me cum for him. I nod and lay my head on the pillow. He starts sucking on my nipple again, slowly, torturing me. I wrap my legs around him, and right as I start to beg him to fuck me, he slides his dick most of the way out. NO! I don't want him to pull it out, i want it in me. I start to whisper "please..." and no sooner do I say that, and he's thrusting back into me hard and fast. My eyes close and I moan "yeah...." but he stops. He tells me to open my eyes or I don't get any more. Haruka Ayane pry my eyes open and tell him i'd do anything, just do that again. So he does. He's fucking me hard and fast, I can barely handle it. Every move his body makes, I can feel his muscles moving. I feel myself start to have an orgasm, and my eyes close. He stops again and my orgasm drifts away, not quite there. 


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