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Hashimoto Arina hot Japanese girl raw sex Jav Free


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Hashimoto Arina


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Running my hand and fingertips up the length of my leg, Hashimoto Arina feel the silky softness and take pleasure in the feeling. It’s my touch, but still a beautiful touch to receive. As I stroke and adjust my tights, I stand and bend before the mirror, squatting up and down, easing and adjusting more leg into the delicate fibres, drawing and stroking delicately up and down my leg until the effect is concluded, my tights perfectly in place. As I do watch myself, my mind has a naughty giggle as the realisation of my lack of underwear allows me to feel my delicate skin pressed up against my tights. My hand lingers a little longer over my pussy as I enjoy the sensation, the texture rubbing against me too satisfying as I sit and allow the sensual opportunity to be such a pleasure. Without hesitating I instantly think of him, as my hand slips into my tights. How his hand will touch me, how he knows just where I would burn with pleasure, my feeling swells as I start to twitch with increased desire. I allow my touch to focus clearly on my clit. Ah the agony, the sweet pleasure, as Hashimoto Arina rub and finger my pussy, feeling the dampness start to build on my fingers. My mind all the time thinking of him and how he enjoys me. As I sit back against the wall I let myself think of that song, the one I heard last time we fucked. Hmm this self-indulgence is all for me, hearing the song in my head just plays with my fantasy, of being touched again and cumming so hard on his fingers that my juices ran down his hands. As the sound bounces in my head, my mind frolics, my senses all tingle and come together so gloriously. With my head back I continue to tease my sensitive puffed lips, rubbing with such intent, the feel and passion I am creating as I sit alone is becoming incredibly intense. My hand continues but struggles to keep up with my need. Without thinking, my reaction is just to rip at my tights, I want them away from my burning clit, I wanted to feel free to explore and savage my hungry pussy. I need more, want so much more. He will give me so much more I know when I meet him again. With my tights ripped away I can explore and continue my desire.


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