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Hot beauty model Hinata Marin fucks in her debut video Jav HD


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Hinata Marin


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The expression on his face was priceless. His eyes were wide with amazement and awe. He said nothing, just looked at Hinata Marin as I worked him with both hands. I put his head in my mouth one more time, sucking on it, getting it nice and wet and still he didn’t break his gaze. Hinata Marin climbed his dick slowly, looking to see if his expression would finally change. He dropped his head down to the bed and then looked at me again with a big smile. “You are so not what I expected.” he leaned back and I began grinding, feeling the ridge of his fat head rubbing my squishy g-spot as I moved forward and backward, rubbing my clit and his mound. He’s even more sexy then I imagined, Hinata Marin thought as I leaned in to kiss him, to feel his soft lips pressed up against mine. The heat of his breath on my skin was orgasmic. Looking deep into his eyes I grind slowly, enjoying every inch of him — the feel of his body, the smell of his skin. he flipped me on to my back and went deep between my legs. My greedy pussy opened wide and sucked him in deep. My walls squeezed him as he filled me up from the bottom to the top, balls slapping me with each thrust. I hated to admit it but he again had the upper hand. Mmmm. The scruff of his beard tickled my soft skin as he nibbled my ear. I can’t let him keep getting the upper hand. I swiveled my position, my hair gently brushed his skin as I leaned back in reverse cowgirl. I bounced and grind some more. The burn in my thighs indicated I was working hard like squats at the gym but I ignored it. There was no workout to compare to the pleasure of riding him. I noticed how tight his chest was as I braced myself on it as I bounced on him like he was a game at an amusement park. He gripped my waist, lifted me up and then forced me down hard on his dick. Mmmm. God he felt soooo good.


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