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Hot beauty Risa Mochizuki sex in the bedroom with her friend Jav HD


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Risa Mochizuki


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Momotaro Eizo


Another variant that we did, was that I did not undress Risa Mochizuki completely, but left her panties on and I left my underpants. She used to take off my underwear quickly, but I left her on. The condom, as always, was next to the pillow. Then, I would drive her crazy by rubbing against her, kissing and caressing her. But while she had her underwear on, she was safe. But, sooner or later, I always got Risa Mochizuki to push her panty aside, grab my cock and make me fuck her bareback. Each time, it always worked. And then, she penetrated her little by little, so that she was aware of what she was doing and the risks involved. That is what I wanted, that she felt so much pleasure that she completely forgot the risk we could run, and that it was she who begged my penetration without a condom. Many times, she grabbed my cock with one hand placing it in the entrance to her vagina, while with the other hand and her legs she pushed me towards her. Then I would drop on her, penetrating her bareback, without protection. Then, I used to stay still. My cock was beginning to throb inside her, leaping, expelling rushes of precum, and she noticed it, and moaned with pleasure. Many times, when I let myself fall, I would lean on the pillow, where I would see the condom only inches away from my eyes, in its wrapper, without opening, and I would smile knowing that I had achieved it again. I just wanted to feel her enjoy and feel that we were just seconds away from committing a nonsense.


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