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Hot girl Akari Tsumugi get fucked by her brother in hot spring


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Akari Tsumugi


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Transfixed, his hands came up to Akari Tsumugi face and he tentatively ran his thumb over her lips. She went up to kiss him full on the lips. He responded and pinned her slim frame to the rear wall and kissed her hard on the mouth, the tip of his tongue darting out. He knew he may be pushing his luck but he also knew he’d never have another chance like this. He let his hands explore over her shapely body; over her abdomen and stomach, over her waist and hips, up and down her legs, then over her quickly moistening pussy. He could feel the heat there radiating through the tight spandex. Her nipples grew hard and she started panting as his hands kept working over her body. She felt herself becoming more and more turned on and her control already starting to slip. A small moan of pleasure escaped past her lips as her body responded. His young cock stood to attention in his pants and Akari Tsumugi felt the iron bar of his young cock press at her. Both his hands were now behind her and slid around to her arse as he continued to search for her tongue in her hot mouth.


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