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Hot sexy Chika Sugiyama is happy to have interracial with handsome Jav Online


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Chika Sugiyama


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When my gardener came up and finally put his penis into me I was so wet and ready that I almost came right then. Chika Sugiyama was on my back with my legs straight up in the air as he was on his knees perfectly positioned to thrust while watching my face. He was masterfully slow and steady to start. He used his strong arms to leave my quivering legs into a perfect entry position and I was ecstatic to feel the head of his penis stroking the first erogenous zone in my canal. Chika Sugiyama have a very sensitive zone just inside the opening and not as deep as my g-spot. He worked that zone for a little while with the rim of the head of his penis, leaving me shuddering with a version of a pre-climax (not sure if that is a term but it fits) before going deeper to the g-spot section and more waves of pleasure, and then he was ready for more and continued with wondrously timed thrusts that pushed with the waves of orgasm I was experiencing. This was a long, set of orgasm waves that he was in control of and I could do nothing but enjoy. Oh yeah, my neighbor was enjoying his turn getting his cock sucked again during this. Chika Sugiyama realized that his sensitive zone was right around the head, so I used my lips and my tongue to his immense pleasure. He was not shy in telling me how good it felt and I timed my work to his breathing. I was about to suggest he take his turn at my pussy, when it became obvious that he was right where he wanted to be. My moans must have helped because he orgasmed and he said he had never done that before, but since my gardener was still busy, I grabbed my neighbor’s cock again and kept at it. He did not expect that, and my gardener encouraged him to get busy again, and he came a second time with an even bigger load.


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