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Japanese babe Kano Yura gets bossed around by her brother in law Jav Online


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Kano Yura


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He paused. Kano Yura could feel the head throbbing, pulsating as it stretched me with each beat. I don’t give my ass away to everyone and he certainly had no right to just take it and before I could protest, he forced the rest of his giant dick into my tight hole with no hesitation until he was balls deep. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I moaned, groaned from deep within my throat. Somehow he found the nasty girl in me. The girl that lives in the black and red of the Sexual RainbowTM. Very few men have seen me red which means no one has ever seen me black. That’s reserved for my fantasies but I couldn’t resist the full feeling of his dick and I began pumping on his thick monster. Little does he know, he has now unleashed the monster within this polite little french girl. I took my time with the first few strokes but once I felt open, Kano Yura picked up the pace and pumped with so much force, he just laid there, arms in the air so as not to be in my way. I pumped and grind until I felt the tell-tale signs I was about to cum so I put his hand on my tit and encouraged him to squeeze my nipple. He slid his other hand underneath and around my body to my still throbbing clit and flicked it, sliding another of his finger between my wet lips and into my greedy pussy. And that was it. That was the signal to every nerve in my body to begin firing. My body quivered and shook violently. I looked like I was convulsing. I couldn’t control it and he knew. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. He took over pumping. His moves were short and slow. He caught each wave, prolonging my orgasm each thrust. Never have aftershocks lasted so long. Somehow he knew how to keep them going until he was ready for them to stop. “I’m glad I could make you cum naughty girl but I’m not done with you. I want to watch you ride.” He pulled out of my ass slowly and rolled over onto his back positioning, himself so he could see me and I could watch myself in the mirror. Before mounting him, I paused to admire how hard his dick was and more importantly, how big it was. I gave it a quick kiss and lick but that wasn’t enough. I couldn’t resist. Without further introduction between my mouth and his dick, I gobbled him to the base. He was deep in the back of my throat and getting harder by the second. I slowly slid my mouth up to the head, swirled my tongue around the ridge before releasing it, grabbing it with my hand to stroke it a few times.


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