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Yahiro Mai, Kanae Renon, Arisu Ruru, Haruki Mei


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Hunter PP


Kanae Renon excitement builds so quickly, I could come already. I slow down and take it easier, touching my neck and sighing. Trying to make it last as long as I can. I think back to last night and how he kept taking me to the edge of orgasm then holding off. I quite enjoyed it. It certainly made my climax pretty mind-blowing when it eventually came. By the time I’d emptied my juices over his cock, hands and face, we could have filled that lube bottle several times. I smile at the memory and feel a blush rise in my cheeks, and I start rubbing harder, round and round, caressing my whole vulva then pushing inside again. Kanae Renon own groaning startles me, and it turns me on. Ah, the sweet noises of sex. I usually masturbate in silence, but I’m beginning to hear with my body’s responses. The lube makes squelchy noises, and I think of his cock sliding in hard and fucking me. I close my eyes and listen intently, holding my cunt with two hands and fuck myself hard. The sounds are so filthy rude, knowing it is me on my own making them is unbearably hot. I’m shoving fingers from each hand into my welcome yearning hole. It’s so hot to hear the wet noises my cunt makes. The first wave of my orgasm builds, and I rub faster, harder, holding my cunt as juices spill from me, back and forth I fuck faster, it sounds to lustful and raw. Kanae Renon rising to the brink and with all the willpower I have, I stop. That flash of frustration I had with him last night flares up and for an instant I’m furious. But it is a glorious fury. My mind and body have momentarily separated, and I’m asking it to trust me, that it will be worth the wait. My eyes squeeze shut, and a flush of warmth draws perspiration to my brow and across my breasts. It’s another stimulus for me to relish. I’m completely and utterly enveloped in my sexual responses. It is a thing of wonder and fascination. I’ve never taken time alone in this way – taking notice of every reaction, separating them out to cause and effect.


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