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Man trying to fuck Maki Takei and he got it


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Maki Takei


69 Style , Beautiful Girl , Big Tits , Blowjob , Cowgirl , Creampie , Handjob , Uncensored , Big Natural Tits , College




To get it off he decided that he’d have to stretch my clit and gently ease it off. When it came to the appointed time he teased me right up to just before cumming 3 times before he said that he was going for it. His theory was that I’d be so desperate to cum that a bit of pain would be lost in the pleasure. As for lubrication, Maki Takei suggested some butter but he said that I’d be producing more than enough. He was right, my pussy was oozing and as he pulled on the ring Maki Takei started cumming and never felt a thing. Fast forward until we got back from holiday (see ‘We hate clothes’ parts 7a, 7b and 7c where one of the twins writes all about that holiday); in the pile of post waiting for us was the ring. We were both quite excited. The next morning he decided that it was going to be put back where it belongs. As he teased my clit up to the point of cumming he told me that he was going to try a different way of putting it on. It still involved ice and just as I was about to cum he slapped the ice cubes on for a couple of minutes while the fingers on his other hand were fucking me. When he thought I was ready he slid the little ring over a pair of slim tweezers and gripped the end of my clit. It was so cold that I hardly felt a thing.


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