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Office girl Kawai Mio get fucked in the meeting Jav Free


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Ueyama Mikoto, Kawai Mio, Miura Narumi, Mizusawa Yuuki


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Positioning himself behind Kawai Mio, he pulled down his boxer briefs and wasted no time at all pushing his cock to my entrance.  Leaning my upper body back, I hooked my arm around his neck and kissed him again, and he edged himself into Kawai Mio.  The sense of being filled from this position was almost too much.  I was still tight from my last orgasm, and he took one of my ass cheeks and lifted it slightly so he could ease himself all the way in.  I could feel every inch of him along my pussy walls.  He felt heavenly.  As I looked back at him and cradled his neck in my hand, he started to explore my breasts.  Moulding his hand to them and massaging my already erect nipples.  It was just not as painful as he played with them.  I leaned forward away from him so he could take me deeper, I was ready to come again and wanted to feel the full thrust of his cock inside me.  I had just read about two fictional characters enjoy the sensation of being fucked, and now I wanted that too. Concentrating on feeling him slowly slide in and out of me, I looked back as he moved to lift himself over me.  My goodness, it was deep this way, he hit my sweet spot perfectly and it was almost too much for me to cope with.  He knew what he was doing, and I saw the mischievous grin on his lips and couldn’t help but smile back.  He was going to fuck me hard and deep.  It was amazing to watch his face turn serious as he concentrated on fucking me, holding my hip in place as he continued his thrusts.  I felt myself build again, a flash of heat spread over my body from my stomach.  It felt like my entire body was blushing.  Keeping still, I felt the tip of his cock hit the core of me over and over again.  I relaxed into my second orgasm, relishing in the strangling throbs over his cock as I sent out wave after wave of muscles.  He still hadn’t come, and I was determined to make him come.


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