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Satomi-chan ready for fuck with her new boyfriend all day long


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I took it as a cue. I walked towards him and pushed him on the couch. I jumped down on his semi-erect cock and took it all the way in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the base hard and flicked at his dick in my mouth making it sway back and forth. I brought my mouth around him fully and pulled it out of my mouth slowly, inching my way up with a suck in between. By the time I pulled him out of my mouth, he was hard, but as soon as he left my lips, I felt him pull me up. He stood as I stood, and with his two hands he grabbed my sides and lifted my shirt over my head. He threw my shirt on the floor and grabbed my boobs with both of his hands. He lifted them and then cupped them, shaking them and watching them ripple and move. He moved them around till my nipples were hard, pinched them, and then put his hands on the top of my head and pushed me down. I took the cue and put his dick back in my mouth and started sucking.

In no time the action brought his friend over, and when I opened my eyes, his friends hand was grabbing my tit and his dick was out and hard. It was an impressive dick, much bigger than his friends with a large bulbous head, and when I saw it, I had to have it. I switched dicks quickly, pulled his friend to my mouth so fast it caught him off guard. He released my tit and as soon as I had the head of his dick in my mouth, Jerry had my tits in his hands. I pushed him as far back in my mouth as I could, but he was much too thick to take all of him. I got violent sucking him. I wanted it. I wanted him to cum. I was so turned on all I could think about were these two guys cumming in me and on me. He didn’t last. In only five minutes of sucking he let lose a grunt and then the rush of cum came. It wasn’t a massive amount, but it squirted in my mouth. I didn’t swallow it. I felt it on my tongue, lifted off him and cupped my mouth shut so it wouldn’t leak out and then pushed Jerry’s dick into my mouth with complete suction so I could feel his dick in my mouth with all his friends cum. He pumped into my head a few times, grabbing the back of my head and pulling it towards him violently for about thirty seconds and then he blew. This time the cum blasted out. It filled my mouth in no time, and I almost choked. I swallowed a few times, but the shock came to fast, and cum leaked out the side of my mouth and on to my boobs. He kept cumming and I sucked him until he got soft.


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