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Sexy wife Kashiwagi Kurumi get fucked hard by two black guys Jav HD


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Kashiwagi Kurumi


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Kashiwagi Kurumi looked him directly in the eyes saying, "Buddy, you have been an excellent true friend for many years. I want you to really enjoy your short trip and to have some fun along the way. I am sharing Kashiwagi Kurumi with you for the trip, she is all yours to enjoy her hot body. Now let's get you both to the airport so you can begin experiencing her sweet little pussy, her tight ass, and her warm, soft mouth." he just stood with a dumbfounded expression as my wife took him by the hand, leading him toward the door.  Inside the car, he responded, "You two almost had me going for a moment." I had intentionally put one of my wife's bags in the front seat. heas sitting in the backseat next to my wife during the half-hour ride to the airport. As he spoke, my wife Kashiwagi Kurumi moved her hand to let it rest on the upper thigh of his leg closest to her. hepaused and continued, "Your going to make my flight unbearable touching me and teasing me like this. I have not had a woman touch me intimately in so many years."  My wife can be a perfect tease. I think he had figured out years ago that we played around with other partners, but we had not even discussed any details, and he had not ever asked about anything we do. My wife had attempted to come onto h ebefore, but he never appeared to take the bait. My wife's hand moved slightly, and she replied, "I am all yours for this trip, baby. From the boner, I feel tenting up in your pants; it looks like you are going to really enjoy yourself." I looked in the review mirror to see his face flushed red. 


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