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She was lucky to find intense pleasure


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I walked over to his chair and I could see his cock was rock hard. This really was what he wanted. I straddled the chair and as I was standing over him I turned to the guy from the bar and said, "again. This time I want it harder and I want your cum in my pussy." He didn't hesitate. I leaned over Callum and looked him in the eye as I was impaled once again. No warm up needed this time. My pussy ached as he went balls deep at the first attempt. My legs nearly gave way as he began to slam into me. I could feel his huge balls slapping against my pussy. Callum was watching my face as I got fucked like never before. His rhythm got faster. I reached again for my pussy and rubbed my clitoris before being hit by another orgasm. This time it was magnified further by the pounding reaching fever pitch and I realised he was about to cum. His slamming was frantic as I felt his hot cum pump into my pussy. He slammed and spurted again and again until I felt his grip on my hips relax. As he slid his cock slowly out of my pussy, the cum slopped out onto Callum's lap and hard cock. I turned my head and playfully said, "thanks! You can go when you're ready." The guy from the bar looked incredulous as he put his clothes back on and walked out.


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