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Slowly scanning the room, I could see that the couches were being observed by a ring of watchers


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Satomi Suzuki


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The sight, sound and scent of the actions before us soon had my own hands wandering over Marie's body. As we stood and watched a woman with her mouth covering one dick and her pussy filled by another, I slid my hands up Marie's thighs and under her dress. Reaching between her legs, I found her panties soaked through. Pressing my hard dick against her ass, I slipped my fingers beneath her panties and wasted no time finding her clit. Gently stroking it, I could feel shudders pass through her body. Her eyes remained locked on the woman before us as two men used her body for pleasure, out of the corner of my eye, I could see some if the other watchers begin to watch us as involuntary moans began to escape Marie's lips. Stroking her faster, I tried to match the same pace as the woman sucking the dick before us. I could feel Marie edging closer and closer, her eyes unable to look away from the woman before us. The woman suddenly noticed us, and locked eyes with Marie, not breaking contact as she sucked the dick harder and harder. With a shout, the man began to shoot a load of cum into the woman's mouth which she swallowed eagerly. Marie cried out as the sight of the woman drinking down cum triggered her own climax and her thighs clamped down on my hand as she struggled to stand through the orgasm rocking her body but still not breaking eye contact with the woman before us as they both shared in the pleasure of the moment.


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