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Super cute teen girl Minatsuki Hikaru lick my toes and make me hard


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Minatsuki Hikaru, Isumi Rion, Atomi Shuri


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As her moans begin to subside, I gently kiss the inside of both of her thighs before standing to quickly shed the black slacks that my full erection has been straining against. Authoritatively, I flip her trembling body over so that she is on her knees, with her glistening pussy open and ready for me. My hard cock throbbing as I roughly sink myself deep inside her, causing them both to gasp as her tightness stretches to accommodate me. I growl as Minatsuki Hikaru pants as I sheathed myself fully and deeply inside her, filling her more than she has ever experienced. Her earlier inhibitions seem to have vanished in the heat of passion. Never has she felt so free and wanton! Always one to be in control of her situations, Minatsuki Hikaru is lost to me and my prowess. Ass up, she reaches back to touch herself as she feels her pleasure mounting with each of my thrusts. I grab her hips firmly as I rode her hard, in a way that feels like I'm trying to satisfy a deep need. Her breath begins to quicken as she works her clit. Her insides begin to tighten down around my hard cock as she lost herself again, calling out as she feels herself reach higher in a full body release. Drained, she collapses on the bed, eyes shut as she came down from the aftershocks after having come with such intensity. I roll her onto her back as she became aware of my shaft, still hard and tall, pressing against her hip as I slid her up onto the bed. I crawl up between her legs caressing my hands up the back of her thighs and under her hips as I lift her damp pussy up to meet my throbbing cock. Opening her eyes in surprise, Minatsuki Hikaru feels me slide inside her again, this time more gentle. It didn't seem possible that she can take anymore, but as I slowly roll my hips into her, she feels every delicious inch of me, and lets herself be taken over for the third time. Moving with a slow precision, I thrust myself fully inside her welcoming warmth before withdrawing almost completely from her raised hips. I reach down and lightly flick her swollen clit, seeming pleased at her sudden intake of breath. She feels my hard length deep inside her once again before my cock pulls out completely. With a low growl, I swiftly raise her hips higher to meet my mouth as I kneel before her. Supported only by her shoulders on the bed, her body continues to respond to my sensual assault as my tongue traces slow, wide circles around the over sensitive pleasure zone. She feels helpless with her legs thrown over my shoulders, but can't help submitting completely to me who has taken over her senses. Reaching back over her head, she grabs the edge of the mattress to brace herself against my lapping, torturous tongue. Eyes closed, she moans at the overwhelming sensation of it all. 


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