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Super cute teen girl Shindou Arisa fuck hard with her slender body


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Shindou Arisa


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Shindou Arisa blushed. Just then the traffic started to move and Shindou Arisa had to move my foot again, and he slid his hand higher up my leg, over the stocking top, onto the bare flesh, so that his right hand little finger was pressed against the fabric of my panties. My mind was starting to wander onto other things than driving.  Shindou Arisalooked at his lap and sure enough there was the outline of a stiff cock in his trousers. I indicated to leave via a country road. "Where are you going," he asked. "We're not at the ring road yet. "I can't concentrate," I replied, pulling into the parking area near a woodland walk my husband and Shindou Arisa used to enjoy. We were the only car there. "Either we need to fuck, or you need to stop touching me while I'm driving. Which is it?" He moved his other hand to nudge my knees apart and I let my legs open. He fumbled his way into my panties, and moaned when he felt my wetness. He took his hand from between my legs and tasted me on his fingers. I locked the car and put his keys in my handbag and led him to the place I was thinking of, less than a minute from the parking area. The pressure on my bladder from drinking a lot of water would make the sex more enjoyable, but I didn't want to be peeing over my best work outfit when I came (I hoped I was going to come!) so I told him I needed to pee before having him inside me, and asked him if he wanted to take my panties off for me. He nodded and squatted down in front of me. His hands slid up under my dress and then he was pulling my panties down over my thighs. When they were around my ankles I stepped out of them, and he stuffed them into his trouser pocket. I was about to squat myself to pee when his hands were on my again, raising my dress, and then he kissed my thighs and he tried to get his tongue into my wet slit.


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