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Super sexy young wife Nagase Minamo get fucked by her boss everyday


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Nagase Minamo


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I push her legs apart and dip my tongue into her pussy. I stab at it a few times before plunging it as far as it will go, Nagase Minamo thrusts up and grinds against my face. Her hand hold my head on her and she rubs her pussy against me. I dart my tongue ina nd out of her, fucking her with it, Nagase Minamo groans. I then start to suck on her clitoris. And rub it with the flat of my toungue. Nagase Minamo is almost there, I reach up with my hand and gently push it into her, two fingers curl up to massage her with my mouth sucking on her clit, Nagase Minamo screams a little. Her pussy is gushing now, my fingers now fucking her, Nagase Minamo thrusts her hips up into my mouth. I look up at her, my 4th finger at the entrance to her arsehole starts to wiggle into it, as I am fingering her, almost accidentally. Nagase Minamo continues to gasp and groan as it slides into her arsehole, her eyes close as she starts to cum. Her legs shaking and her hips thrusting upwards. She continues to thrust and grind my face as her spasms subside. She is out of breath. I move up to her and kiss her hard, she doesn’t mind tasting her pussy, it is all over my face and mouth. I kneel at her head level and undo my trousers. My cock is dripping wet, her eyes are still closed as I inch it towards her face. It rests against her lips. She open her eyes to see what this wet hot thing is against her mouth. She recoils at first, then looks up at me, knowing she is to return the favour. She open her mouth and I push forwards. She licks the head when it is in her mouth and turns her self over to her side. She grips it and guides it in further . Her hot mouth enveloping it. Her mouth starts to drool as she sucks on it. She looks up at me, she looks like she is enjoying it. She motions to me to sit , I sit and she leans over me. She lowers her mouth onto my cock again, her hand caresses my balls. She starts to wank me off on her mouth. She sits up and kisses me on the mouth. I kiss her back hard. “Don’t cum in my mouth please, please tell me when you’re going to cum. You can cum on my tits? I nod and push her head back down.


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