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Sweet lesbian couple Yuna Sasaki and Rena Shiraishi get fuck in the bathtub Jav Hot


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Yuna Sasaki, Rena Shiraishi


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"That is an excellent idea." Rena Shiraishi stood up, reached up her dress and pulled her panties down without disturbing anything else she had on. Yuna Sasaki reversed himself on the lounger and she lowered herself over his face, spreading the dress over him so that she could not see his head or what he was doing. She would rely entirely on the sensitivity of her other body parts to know what was happening. She sat on his face so that she was facing his cock and her ass crack was right up against his nose. She leaned forward, allowing him to breathe and allowing her t play with his cock to get it hard again. In the darkness of the outdoors and the veil of her dress, Yuna Sasaki went entirely by feel. He tickled her clit, driving her crazy with desire for more and deeper and more intense. He slid his hands up her dress and played with her ass, cupping both cheeks in his hands and spreading them slightly as he began to shove his tongue into her cunt. He slid a finger through the juices she was producing and used the wet finger to penetrate her asshole like she had done to him earlier. Yuna Sasaki began deep fucking her pussy with his tongue and deep fucking her asshole with his finger. She returned the gesture by swallowing his cock again and finger fucking his ass. They reamed each other's asses with the same fervor most people would fuck with and Yuna Sasaki was fully hard again in no time. Rena Shiraishi suddenly wailed as she came, soaking his face with pussy juices and locking her muscles on his tongue. Her ass tightened on his finger. When she relaxed, she pulled off his cock to say something and then immediately and without warning lapsed into another orgasm stronger than the one before. She collapsed on him, staring at his rigid cock beside her face as she tried to recover from two strong cums. But Yuna Sasaki did not let up. He slid a second finger into her ass and sucked on her clit hard, driving her into a third cum that nearly gave her leg cramps from tightening up so much. 


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