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Teaching my naughty sister Kawakami Nanami whos the boss in this house


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Kawakami Nanami


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Tameike Goro


Gently he lay Kawakami Nanami on the sleeping bag as he positioned himself one leg between hers. Kawakami Nanami petty coat was pushed up around her waist and added to the magnitude of sensations now flooding her mind but when his tongue reached her naval as he kissed her body from Kawakami Nanami neck southward and swirled around the outside of it before pushing in and wiggling…she nearly jumped off the bed had he had not been half on top of her. She screamed with pleasure and in the throws of number 6... Each orgasm longer and stronger than the last yet different Kawakami Nanami breathing turned to panting. His tongue now invaded the hairs above her most secret place as his strong hands held her thighs open. This was new… she knew nothing of this type of behaviour but lust made her want more… much more. His tongue slide between her vaginal lips and he blew warm breathes all around her pussy, the effects were amazing and immediate, number 7 hit her like a freight train at full pelt…. Thunderously strong and longer than any previous but that was before he started sucking and pulling on her clitoris which his tongue now danced around in small circles with ever increasing pressure. Number 8 was volatile cause as each pubic hair gave way to his movements…each one sending vibrations deep within her throbbing pussy. Kawakami Nanami mouth was dry but she never noticed as he now began to kiss a path back up her body until he reached her bra. He softly slid his hand under and around her back until he reached the clasp holding it fastened and in one snap of his fingers her breast were liberated, the nipples immediately stood at attention and went hard, just as his mouth covered the left one. he took his time and savoured this vixens charm whilst his hands gently rubbed and massaged up and down her arms, over her shoulders, up the side of her face and pulled her hair to one side causing her head to turn into the mattress where he held it just like his muscular body held hers down as he positioned his 12 inch rock hard throbbing dick against the entrance to her honey pot. She beggingly whispered to his ear to be gentle… telling him she was now frightened but wanted him so much. She winced and screamed as he pushed into her virgin hole. The massive girth of his member easily tearing her hymen and stretching it all in one. His massive 20st body held her whilst one of his strong large hands hold both her arms outstretched and wrist together above her head as the other held one of her thighs open and down as he ploughed his throbbing monstrous member with intent deeper. Number 9 rocketed through her entire frame like machine gun fire through a paper target. Their bodies rocked in rhythm as sweat poured from every pore of both creating a unique blend of musky perfumed chemistry bespoke to he and Kawakami Nanami. It was heady and highly intoxicating which drove he all night non stop as Kawakami Nanami began to ride her man back after getting over the initial shock of womanhood. 


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