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That moment when Suzuki Satomi know what her boyfriend want tonight


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Tachibana Mary, Kurata Mao, Suzuki Satomi, Tsukimiya Koharu, Yutzuki Seira, Yokota Nanami


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As soon as he fell asleep, Suzuki Satomi dressed and heated to the hotel Mr. Kim promised to pay her if she let him clean her pussy with his tongue. She loved being eaten out. She snuck into the hotel to Mr. Kim’s room. His wife was asleep. They left that room and went into a smaller cheaper one. “let me see.” Kim demanded. She lifted her skirt exposing her cum-filled pussy and thighs to his view. Mr. Kim came in his pants. Within seconds he’d buried his face between her legs, sucking on her pussy, he drove the girl wild. He dipped his tongue into her hole and lapped her juices like nectar. Suzuki Satomi loved it. Then he licked and sucked her pussy lips. Soon he found her clit. For the next few minutes the only sound her was him sucking her clit and her moaning his name. Suzuki Satomi came on his mouth several times. Kim soiled his pants, as he drank her sweet juices. Both satisfied and content, Mr. Kim game Suzuki Satomi an envelop. It contained the money he promised her. Since this was not a date through agency, the money was hers to keep and she would. Suzuki Satomi was tempted, but this man was married. She had to be able to take care of herself. Soon she’d have a second degree and she could start her career. One that did not involve laying under some man. “Baby, your wife.” She reminded him. ”She might find out.” Mr. Kim sighed and nodded. She was right. If his wife knew, she’d leave him. He loved his wife. He could not imagine living without her. He needed to stop hiring whores and be faithful. She might wake and miss him, so he needed to get back to his room, so he hugged Suzuki Satomi and waited for her to go. Once again Suzuki Satomi dressed and snuck out of a second hotel room for the night. She walked from the back of the hotel to the main street, where she hailed a cab. She thought of her night. She’d made over three thousand dollars in one night. But she was alone. She thought of Lars. She knew he’d try and use his new found knowledge against her., maybe get her put on some sort of probation. She’d have to deal with him. She thought of the men at the party. None of them asked her name as they groped her. Only one cared, and he loved his wife. Soon the cab pulled up to her building, she paid the man and went inside.


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