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The beautiful girl has a special hobby for sex


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With his guard down, I pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him, lips still interlocked. He pushed me away, "What are you up to", “you’ll see", I replied while moving onto his neck and down towards to his chest. He moaned softly as I moved down his body, caressing his pecks, I reached down and rubbed his dick through the lining of his boxers, his soft moaning was the only sound in the room which only encouraged me to carry on making out with the rest off his body. he moaned in sheer anticipation of what was to come. I continued my way down his amazing body until I got to his boxers. For a moment I hesitated, questioning myself about the ramifications this could have on my life but again, I was blindsided by my undying obsession of him. He was my drug and I was addicted. I removed his boxers and revealed his 6 inch dick. I immediately grabbed it, trying to get a better feel and grip before stroking it slowly. then i started circling the head of his dick with my tongue, making sure to soak it with saliva before making my way down his shaft and preparing myself to be choked by his huge dick. With that thought in mind, I went down on him, quickly taking in the first 3’ inches before slowly taking the rest in until my nose was deep in his pubes. I took in his muscly scent before bobbing my head up and down on his delicious cock, deep throating him and making him groan loudly, filling the dead silence of his room. I quickly got used to the feeling of his veiny dick sliding between my lips. I started to pick up the pace, swirling my tongue around his rod and bobbing my head furiously, he obviously got the idea and grabbed my head and pushed it down onto his cock, mercilessly. My jaw began to ache and the feeling of his head slamming against my throat gagged me in discord, the revelation sent waves of pleasure and pain throughout my body but I was shackled by lust.


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