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The clinic at the school and the beautiful student


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One night, a very good-looking man came up to our table, and started talking to us. His name was Michael; he was about 45, brown hair, with gray temples, very good looking, and a doctor. I was there with two of my female cousins, but he seemed to pay more attention to me. We talked about a variety of subjects, from his occupation, to what we did for a living. I had to lie, and said I was going to college, studying business. What really piqued his interest, was when I started talking about sports. My dad brought me up as a tomboy. My brother wasn’t much of an athlete, dad could tell at an early age that he wasn’t, but could tell that I had his athletic genes. So my dad would take me to baseball, football, basketball and hockey games, and we would watch everything on TV. So I am a big time jock, I now play softball at least 5 times a week during the summer.


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