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The helpless boy looks at his girlfriend who is raped in his home


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Last year, we - along with our manager had gone to Singapore to meet some of our clients and attend some meetings. On one of the weekends, we had travelled to Malacca and while checking out from the hotel she had taken a bath in my room as her geyser was having some issues. She had mistakenly left her bra in the bathroom and when I went to take a shower with the intent of masturbating thinking about her naked body in the same bathroom - I happened to lay my eyes on that bra... I almost came out to call her. Almost... Not my most proudest moment but I did take a small whiff and it smelled so good.. infact I had even assumed that I would not get any scent but I could smell her boobs when I took a small whiff... I could not restrain myself and my cock was hard as a rock. I was already leaking and I decided to quickly masturbate while smelling her under garment. The conscience kept telling me that I should not do it but I was wayyy to horny for that thought to sleep into my mind. I grabbed the brasserie and took a long and deep breath as I held it across my face. I could sense the softness, - maybe it was the perfume, maybe it was her natural odour, maybe it was her boob sweat - maybe it was everything... I had lost control and I kept stroking my cock till I came huge loads and my knees went weak... I swear I might have not only gone blind for some time. I thought I had gone deaf too...


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