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Tsubasa Hachino invited all guys in the street come and fuck her in store


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Tsubasa Hachino


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After about 90mins for chit chatting with people he came back to me and whispered that Tsubasa Hachino was horny. Tsubasa Hachinoasked me to follow her, so I went with her and she lead me to the disabled toilet. Tsubasa Hachino looked around and pushed me in. I was surprised she was so sexually aggressive so soon, but I wasn’t going to complain. Tsubasa Hachino sat on top of the sideboard and pulled up her skirt and told me to lick her pussy. She really was a horny little bitch tonight. I didn’t need to think twice about sucking on her delicious little clit. So I immediately went to work on it. She spread her with her legs spread and in the air and held them with her hands. The taste was sweeter than the night before, so she must have been wet for a while. I licked around her pussy lips and made my way to her now slightly swollen clit. I heard her moan and start breathing a bit heavier. I worked it for a good 5 mins before we changed things up a little. I slipped a finger into her pussy and wiggled it to try to find her g spot. She seemed to enjoy this even more. But I didn’t want her to have too much of a good thing, so I popped it out and slid it down to her sweet little asshole. She let out a very audible gasp at this point, clearly not expecting it to happen. But she carried on moaning too. I gently brushed my finger around her asshole for a few moments, while still licking her now dripping pussy. Until the breathing got heavier and she eventually came. She seemed to cum harder than last night too. She put her legs down and told me how good it felt when I played with her ass. She absolutely loved it. She got up on her feet, re adjusted her dress and walked over to the door. Before she left she turned and said “Maybe we can explore my ass more another time” With that she left, telling me the coast was clear too. I rejoined the party after cleaning my face a little and found Tsubasa Hachino. She came up to me and kissed me on the lips, and all I could think about was “ If only you knew where these had just been” I could see he over her shoulder too, who gave me a sly wink. Tsubasa Hachinothen said something that shocked me. She said in my ear “I want to fuck you….all night long!” Now to say this was a shock was an understatement, she had not really been interested in sex with me for about 2 years as I said before. So this came totally out of the blue. Tsubasa Hachino, I think was getting very drunk, and when she was drunk before she always became incredibly horny. I was in a pickle; I wanted to fuck her little 15 year old sister tonight. How was I going to get out of this? I decided the best thing to do was to get her more drunk so she passed out before we did anything. But this was to prove harder than I thought. Tsubasa Hachino was all over me. She even tried to get me into the same toilets I had been in with Milly. I had to keep refusing. 


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