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While My Boss Was Out On A Business Trip, I Spent Three Days With My Boss's Wife . Fucked Tsukasa Tsuji


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Aoi Tsukasa


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S1No1 Style


Looking at the chest shirt like that, I slowly turned my eyes down, Aoi Tsukasa's thighs.
Aoi Tsukasa wears tight black cow shorts to make me like it very much. Now, Aoi Tsukasa also sat close to my body, I slowly moved slowly and gently stroked the thigh.
See how Aoi Tsukasa reacts, Aoi Tsukasa also stands close to me so that I can rub the thigh slowly more easily. After a while, Aoi Tsukasa told me to sit up to squeeze my shoulders.
The breasts slightly touched my back, making me like it very much. The cock on the underside of the casual pants also gradually grew round. I smiled slightly and said, half-jokingly.
- Massage above this, I can have a massage underneath, can I just cool it down below!
I said something like that, Aoi Tsukasa also smiled and told me again:
- Of course I can, sir, what kind of style do you like if I like it, but I don't mind doing it, so please keep me calm!
After saying that, Aoi Tsukasa caresses my shoulders and slowly slowly caresses my chest slowly. The fingers were just fondling, gently squeezing, making me feel more passionate.
After a while, Aoi Tsukasa also smiled and turned to tell me:
- I took your pants off so I could cool them all for you, cool in every way, I would like you!
I smiled and stood up, slowly taking off my trousers. The cock was also stiff inside the panties. Aoi Tsukasa saw my cock but still smiled and slowly rubbed his hand with that hand.
An unbearable sensation of excitement, even though I have traveled many times on massages, but never once did this, going out with girls is also a lot of industrialization but not so enthusiastic.
Aoi Tsukasa kept rubbing my dick slowly inside the pants when it was stiff, and Aoi Tsukasa said:
- Take it off, I have every pair of pants like this that you keep doing something you don't know, take me off for what.


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