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White girl beauty Gillian get fucked hard when come to Japan


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His cock head pressed against Gillian pussy lips. Breaking through his hard shaft slid deep inside me. As he thrust in and out he leaned down and kissed me. Gillian could taste my pussy all over his tongue. Beeper and deeper, harder and harder he fucked me. Gillian big tits bouncing wildly with every thrust. My pussy exploding as I came on his big rod. With a mighty thrust he quivered and moaned as he came. His big pumped as it emptied his balls deep inside me. Slowly he withdrew, climbing onto my chest giving his cock to my mouth for me to clean, Sucking every last drop out of him. He untied my hands as his cum leaked out of me. He lay next to me exhausted. Throwing my arm and get over him Gillian layed my head on his chest. I watched as his glistening cock grew flaccid. After a while of holding each other he was asleep. I arose from the bed and put my clothes back on leave my panties handing on his bedpost as a trophy for him when he awoke. I headed home walking the four blocks to my house. The now cool night air blowing up my skirt and across my still wet pussy. Making it home to find my husband still wasn't there is took a quick shower and dressed in long night clothes to hide the marks that my husband's boss had left on my married body.


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